Will CBD Affect My Security Clearance?

As public opinion on Cannabis culture shifts, government employees and contractors are faced with increased exposure to recreational and medical Cannabis. Despite fundamental differences between Cannabis’ psychoactive, and federally illegal, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Hemps’ Cannabidiol; CBD is often viewed under the same light as THC.

What does that difference mean for those with a security clearance who seek relief from CBD oil or other products?

Scientists continue to debate the merits of Marijuana as a pharmaceutical replacement or supplement, rigorously researching the benefits. Some however, have already made up their minds. Many Veteran groups are advocating for Cannabis and/or CBD access as an alternative to other dangerous pharmaceuticals. The outcry has not gone unnoticed, as major pharmaceutical companies have begun developing CBD based medicines.

GW pharmaceuticals has created no less than three Cannabis based medicines. In fact, the FDA has recently approved the first Cannabis based medicine from GW pharmaceuticals called Epidiolex.

So, if a federal agency has just approved a Cannabis based medicine for the masses, what does that mean for CBD users with government jobs and a security clearance?

At the moment, nothing. Current drug panels don’t typically screen for CBD, but many CBD products contain trace amount of THC, which can result in a failed drug test. However, the GW pharmaceuticals website shows that Epidiolex is derived from Cannabidiol. Like CBD Isolates, Epidiolex appears to be THC-free and may be safe for government employees. We are still awaiting a response from GW Pharmaceuticals about whether a patient would pass or fail a drug test while using Epidiolex.

It’s clear that science is evolving how and what we consider medicine, and its possible that federal regulations will evolve alongside it. However, in the meantime, those who hold or seek security clearance must still abide by the current regulations. Those regulations are clear-cut and not open to interpretation: no Cannabis for any reason.

More than 5 million people in the US hold some level of security clearance, according to the Washington Post.  With 30 states, including Washington DC, currently offering access to Medical Marijuana there’s a large portion of federally cleared workers who can legally medicate with Cannabis. However, state laws are overridden in this case by federal mandates, meaning that clearances can be suspended or revoked for any violation.

At Lynx CBD, we believe in the power of CBD and the benefits it provides to our customers, we are in the industry to help people. That’s why we currently suggest avoiding CBD use while subjected to drug screenings, especially where a security clearance is involved. Until Cannabis regulation is relaxed at the federal level, there will be risk that exceeds the reward. If you feel the opposite, that the reward outweighs the risk, we recommend sticking with a CBD isolate (THC Free) product.

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