Is CBD Oil considered low THC oil in Georgia?

States throughout the US are reevaluating their marijuana regulations, in some case relaxing and other cases lifting regulations. As public support strengthens for Cannabis use, recreational and medical, access to Cannabis products is steadily increasing. In fact, President Trump has recently given the impression that he would support Federally legalizing Cannabis.

In Georgia, Cannabis support has resulted in a relaxation of regulations. In atypical fashion, Georgia has elected to allow medicinal Cannabis in the form of low THC oil. The new law permits qualified individuals to possess up to 20 fl oz of Marijuana derived Cannabis oil. In order to possess the oil, residents must apply for a “Low THC Oil Registry Card” from the Georgia Department of Public Health. The card not only allows qualifying users to purchase THC oil, it also protects users from arrest. For more information how to obtain a Low-THC oil registry card, visit the Georgia department of public health website.

An important factor to consider is that other forms of Cannabis are not legal in Georgia. The card does not allow retail marijuana sales, marijuana derived products, or grant physicians the right to prescribe medicinal marijuana.

So, what does that mean for CBD in Georgia?

Oil directly extracted from the Cannabis plant does have the potential of containing CBD and other Cannabinoids. However, for those with an aversion to THC, the low THC oil available in Georgia may not be the relief they’re searching for. For others looking for Cannabis relief, who do not qualify for the registry card, CBD is a welcome and accessible alternative.

Can I buy CBD Oil in Georgia?

Since CBD oil extracted from Hemp does not contain the regulated compound THC, it is legal in Georgia. Although not available through retail outlets in the peach state, CBD can be purchased online from companies like Lynx CBD. So, whether you’re in Savannah, Marietta, or Atlanta; CBD is just a click away. Buy CBD Oil with no prescription and have it shipped direct to your doorstep.

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