Where Can I Buy CBD In Tennessee?

CBD became a hot-button topic in Tennessee after the Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputies shutdown more than 20 storefronts selling CBD Products. The February 2018 “Candy Crush” raid resulted in the indictment of 18 people for alleged distribution of a controlled substance. The substance in question was a variety of CBD infused jelly candies.

The Cannabidiol candy in question was targeted because it was alleged to be a synthetic version of CBD. Synthetic CBD is a man-made product not derived from the Hemp plant, but typically ingested using the same methods as Marijuana. Pure Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is derived from Hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. The psychotropic compound THC is the constituent of Cannabis responsible for the corresponding “high.” It is also the Cannabis compound defined by the DEA which makes Marijuana a schedule I drug, and thereby federally illegal.

So what does this mean for Cannabidiol products in Tennessee?

Analysis of the CBD Products confiscated during Operation Candy Crush showed the presence of Cannabidiol. However, the source of the CBD could not be identified. When asked to testify, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) refused, resulting in all charges being dropped. When asked about the proceedings, District Attorney General Jennings Jones stated that the TBI never considered the possibility of the CBD being derived from Hemp, which is legal in Tennessee. Instead, they assumed the CBD had been extracted from Marijuana, which is illegal.

In response, the TBI stated that “TBI lab reports objectively determine the compound present, but in no way are statements of compound origin, circumstances of possession, or guilt or innocence. Though we identified the substance and the relevant schedule, we made no determination about the legality of the substance or the circumstance in Rutherford County. That was a decision solely made — as in all cases — by the local agency and District Attorney General.”

Though the outcome favors the shop owners, the source of the CBD remains unclear. With research on synthesized Cannabidiol sparse, Lynx CBD does not have a position on its effectiveness. However, we do always recommend buying CBD from a company providing independent lab testing. In states where Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana is legal, CBD is often derived from the same Cannabis crops. This results in CBD products with higher THC concentrations and render them illegal to ship across state borders. Lynx CBD Oils are always ISO-Lab Tested and can be shipped to all 50 states. So whether in Memphis or Nashville Buy CBD Oil from Lynx CBD and get Pure Cannabidiol sent right to your doorstep.

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