What is Patent 6,630,507?

What does US Patent 6,630,507 mean to anyone who wants to buy cbd oil? US Patent 6,630,507 was assigned to a trio of “inventors” from Bethesda Maryland in 2001. The scientists who applied for the patent were under employ of “The United States of America, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services,” aka the Health Department. The patent is of current importance to the CBD and Cannabis industry because of the research topic and the conclusions ascertained.

The foundation of the research relevant to patent 6,630,507 was the potential use of Cannabinoids, specifically the non-psychoactive variants. Among the Cannabinoids analyzed, Cannabidiol (CBD), was explicitly named amongst those studied. CBD was identified as “useful” and “advantageous to use because [it avoids the] toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids.”

The publicity of the patent is not new, it’s been public record for almost 20 years. However, social media exposed the duplicity of the US government filing a Cannabinoid related patent, while continuously denying any benefit of Cannabis. This became evident, when Kannalife biopharmaceuticals was granted an exclusive license for “the Commercialization of U.S. Patent #6630507.” Kannalife’s research has resulted in the successful isolation of 85 phytocannabinoids, as well as, two disease targets. Describing themselves as “a socially responsible specialty biopharmaceutical company developing disruptive cannabinoid based therapeutics,” with the blessing of the US government, they are certainly on the cutting edge of Cannabinoid research.

Another pharmaceutical company that has analyzed the potential usefulness of Cannabinoids in modern medicine is GW Pharmaceuticals. GW describes themselves “as a world leader in cannabinoid science [working] closely with scientific collaborators at academic institutions across the world.” In fact, they’ve collaborated with at least seven Universities across the globe to help facilitate their research. However, no mention of patent 6,630,507 can be found on their site; so it is unclear whether they have attempted to expand on the patents findings. Regardless, GW has one approved drug created from the Cannabis extract Nabiximol; and one investigational drug derived specifically from Cannabidiol.

At this point you are undoubtedly wondering exactly what the researchers uncovered that was worthy of a patent. Unfortunately, the same restrictions that prevent Lynx CBD from recommending CBD doses, and treatments, also prevent us from revealing how the Health Department was using Cannabinoids. We recommend a quick web-search of Patent No. 6,630,507 to find out what research and conclusions lead to the patent filing.

With two major pharmaceutical companies funding research into Cannabinoids, it will be interesting to see if the US government maintains its current position on Medicinal Marijuana and CBD Products. While this story continues to develop, we’ll keep  bringing you the most up-to-date and accurate news about CBD and the Cannabis industry.

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