How To Buy The Best CBD Online

This post is all about how to decide which CBD product is best for you. How do you buy CBD oil online? What is the best CBD online? How do you know what the purity of the Cannabidiol your purchasing is? Why should your CBD be tested by a third party? What type of CBD should you buy? We’ll answer these questions and more.

Buy CBD Oil Online

The availability of CBD to the public has increased tenfold in recent years, both online and in-store. Where once it was only accessible to those in states where recreational or medicinal marijuana was available, now anyone with an internet connection has seemingly endless providers to choose from. Always make sure whatever seller you decide to purchase from, they deliver to your country or state. Although search engine results can help you make a decision, we recommend you also consider some additional factors.


If you are looking for the benefits of CBD, you should be concerned with purity. It’s important in both Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate products, though how purity is defined in each will differ. CBD Isolate products should not contain Cannabinoids or THC, outside of the CBD compound, but may include the subcompund derivatives CBDV and/or CBDA. This is important if you have sensitivities to THC, or concerns about drug testing.

Full Spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is expected to contain additional Cannabinoids and may contain trace amounts of THC, less than 0.3%. In addition, full spectrum products often contain other oils. Carrier oils are used in tinctures and capsules to increase volumes and dilute strength, to meet dosage and tolerance requirements. Besides carrier oils, some CBD companies use artificial flavors and colors to disguise the natural hemp flavor and appearance. In some cases users have reported adverse effects from these additives. That’s one of the reasons why Lynx CBD does not offer artificially enhanced CBD tinctures and why we list the ingredients in all our products.


The best indicator of CBD purity comes from third party testing. Legitimate companies should provide lab results on their site. If you need specific measurements, Lynx CBD will provide batch specific test results. These results show cannabinoid potency and profile, giving you clear evidence that the product is not synthetic, or a merely a low quality non-CBD hemp oil.


CBD affects everyone differently. Your tolerance and reaction to CBD products should be considered when purchasing Cannabidiol online. For that reason, you should seek out a company that offers different strength and application options. Some people prefer capsules for convenience, tinctures and powders for recipes, while you might enjoy an aromatic CBD dab or vape pen.


It’s a common belief in life that you get what you pay for. With CBD that’s often the case, so if the price seems too good to be true, it likely is. Low cost CBD and Hemp products are often synthetic, or contain no Cannabinoids. High cost CBD products are often just a marketing tactic to make products appear superior. When possible, “compare apples to apples” to make sure the ingredients, profile, and potency are the same before deciding based solely upon price. Lynx CBD offers high quality, lab tested, natural CBD products with an emphasis on value.


  • Buy from a reputable online seller that offers third party lab testing and that you’re sure can ship to your doorstep.
  • Make sure the CBD product your purchasing meets your needs, both in Cannabinoid profile and potency.
  • Look for an ingredients list and test results on the website, or request batch specific results to ensure purity.
  • Pick the right product for your needs, preference, and tolerance.
  • Don’t let price be your only guide. It’s better to buy the right product the first time than over or under-spend on the wrong one.

When it comes to buying CBD online, you will be faced with a lot of choices. We hope this guide has helped you to understand what you need to know to make an informed decision about your CBD purchase.

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