What form of CBD is best for me?

How to use CBD is a personal preference that we believe requires an understanding of the CBD products available. In our experience, CBD affects everyone in different ways, so your choice should be based upon your individual needs and comfort level with the unique methods. Below are the products Lynx CBD currently, or soon, will offer and the common methods for ingesting them. When considering which CBD product to buy, we recommend looking at how the products can be used and making your selection based upon what method is easier, comfortable, and/or convenient.

  • Tinctures, commonly known as CBD Oil, are a liquid form of Cannabidiol that can be ingested sublingually by placing it under your tongue, ingested orally, or by mixing it into your favorite drink or smoothie.
  • Pet Tinctures are meant for our four-legged friends and are most suitable for sublingual and oral ingestion. Lynx CBD Pet Tinctures use cold-pressed hemp seed oil as the carrier oil because it is known to be easier on animals stomachs.
    • Both tinctures are acceptable for human or animal consumption
    • Tinctures are not recommended to be used in vaporizers
  • Softgel Capsules have a gelatin capsule containing full-spectrum CBD oil and we recommend ingesting orally.
  • Topical Salve is a soothing ointment that should only be applied externally. We advise that you avoid contact with the eyes, mouth, or other mucus membranes.
  • Powder Isolate is a multifaceted product. Its ability to be ingested Orally or Sublingually make it an ideal choice for cooking and/or mixing into your favorite CBD recipes, smoothies, and drinks. Dabbing or creating your own vape “juice” is also a possibility using isolate powder.
  • CBD Vape pens and cartridges are designed to be inhaled. Pens and Vaporizers heat CBD to combustion, at which time the “juice” turns to vapor. This method offers the fastest bio-availability, but the effects wear off faster than oral or sublingual ingestion.

Some people prefer the act of vaping or dabbing CBD, while others see this method as too close to methods used by illicit drug users. The most popular Lynx CBD product is the 1,000mg CBD Oil tincture. Tinctures are a portable option that offer some versatility, as well as increased discreteness over vaping or dabbing. Please exercise patience with tinctures as the effects are not felt as quickly as compared to vaping or dabbing. Also, encapsulated forms of CBD take the longest for the body to breakdown and begin working, so it is best to give both tinctures and capsules extended trial periods before deciding on your personal dosage needs.

The bottom line? When deciding how to use CBD, listen to your body.

Certain restrictions, and FDA regulations, prevent Lynx from providing medical and/or dosage advice. To find out more about the benefits Cannabidiol has to offer, we recommend doing additional research on sites such Project CBD.

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