Do I need a prescription to buy CBD oil?

Medicinal Marijuana has raised a lot of questions about whether prescriptions are necessary for all Cannabis products, including Hemp CBD Oil. As states continue to revise their stance on medicinal and recreational use of Cannabis, CBD often gets lumped into the same categories. However, there are some important differences to note before answering the question, “Do I need a prescription to buy CBD oil?”

What’s the difference between Synthetic CBD, Cannabis CBD, and Hemp CBD Oil?

Synthetic CBD is a compound that bonds to Endocannabinoid receptors in the body. Although the bonding of synthetic CBD mimics natural CBD, the therapeutic benefits are not present. In fact, synthetic CBD is often derived from controlled substances and has adverse reactions as serious as death. Synthetic CBD is regulated, but it is not pharmaceutical or classified under medicinal Marijuana laws. As a result, it can sometimes be purchased in vape shops or gas stations. Lynx CBD recommends avoiding this type of Cannabinoid altogether

Cannabis CBD is CBD extracted from the Cannabis plant, Hemp’s psychoactive cousin. Although this extract is natural, the presence of THC makes it illegal in many states. THC can also be undesirable for those with aversions to the psychoactive compound. CBD of this nature may, or may not, require a prescription to purchase. Availability depends upon whether a state has medicinal or recreational Cannabis regulations. Those states with CBD extracted from Cannabis cannot ship their products over state lines.

Hemp CBD Oil is an extract from the non-psychoactive Hemp plant. The absence of THC means it is accessible in all 50 states, has all the benefits of natural CBD, and is free of the undesired side-effects of THC rich products. Since Hemp CBD Oil is not a controlled substance, and contain less than 0.3% THC, it is available without a prescription. In addition, states that allow Hemp farming and CBD extraction can export their products to all 50 states.

To summarize, synthetic CBD does not require a prescription but the risks should be weighed seriously. Cannabis derived CBD Oil may require a prescription, so consulting local medicinal and recreational Cannabis laws is advised. Hemp CBD Oil does not require a prescription and can be shipped to all 50 states.

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