CBD Tincture. What is it?

Tincture was common word throughout the 1800’s usually referring to any medicine whose active drug was dissolved into an alcohol. Often these “medicines” were plants and herbs where the extract was used to treat an ailment. Around 1900, as modern medicine began to take hold, the use and need for tinctures began to be replaced by other forms of medicine.

A typical tincture from the 1800s, and a method that could still be used today, was to submerge the desired herb (say Cannabis) in a strong alcohol (say Ethanol). The Cannabis would be left for weeks at a time while the Ethanol penetrated the herb and forced the natural oils from the plant. This process was time consuming, and because a stronger alcohol made for a better extraction, the tincture also had a high alcohol content. Whether the high-alcohol content was a good or bad thing, could be argued endlessly.

What about Lynx CBD Oil Tinctures?

Technological advancements from the 1800’s have resulted in faster and cleaner extraction methods, and thus better CBD tinctures. CO2 extraction is the preferred method for all Lynx CBD products, and despite the fact that we don’t use ethanol in our extraction it is still considered a tincture. CO2 extraction, commonly known as supercritical fluid extraction, has been in use since the 1980s as a method for recovering solvent oils.

Carbon-dioxide extraction technology has also been advanced since its inception, making its way into the CBD industry as a fast, efficient, green, and cost effective way to extract Cannabinoids from Hemp. In addition to efficiency, the CO2 method also allows Lynx CBD Oil Tinctures the added benefit of not containing alcohol. Alcohol extracted tinctures must go through an additional step to remove excess alcohol, and in turn potentially removing critical amounts of CBD from the extraction.

As the demand for CBD continues to grow, the word tincture is increasingly becoming a part of our 21st century lexicon. Make no mistake however, this isn’t your great-great grandmothers tincture. Today’s tinctures are highly-scientific, highly-effective, and highly-precise. Shop our selection of Hemp CBD Oil tinctures from Lynx CBD and CBDistillery today to taste and feel the difference.

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