CBD Oil and other uses for Hemp

Hemp is a great source for extracting Cannabinoids for our CBD products. Through our CO2 extraction, we produce some of the best cbd oil available online. As beneficial as Hemp is for our purposes, it has many other benefits and uses. Let’s take a look at other ways Hemp is widely used, and a few other applications that could revolutionize other industries.

Hemp for clothing

For centuries, hemp has been used to create durable textiles and fabrics. Hemp is four times more durable than cotton, and can be grown using nearly five time less water. The benefits don’t just include durability though. Growing on the same acreage of land, Hemp will produce twice as much fiber as cotton, while returning vital nutrients to the soil when dried in the field. Despite the increase durability, Hemp is also a softer fiber that has been known to soften through use.

Cooking with Hemp

CBD oil is often confused for hemp oil, but there is a distinct difference. CBD is specifically extracted from the hemp plant for Cannabinoids and can be used in CBD recipes. Hemp oil on the other hand, is pressed from Hemp seeds for the nutritional value. A good source of protein and fatty acids, the smoke point of Hemp oil is higher than olive oil. This makes it unsuitable for frying, but perfect for drizzles and dressings.

Paper made from Hemp

Typical paper products are made from wood pulp, an abundant source and comparatively cost effective. Hemp offer some advantages over pulp, but the production costs can be 4-5 times greater. Hemp is a great choice for archival paper products, as it does not yellow over time and lasts longer before decomposing. Hemp paper products can also be recycled up to 8 times,more than double the amount of times pulp paper can be recycled. Furthermore, since Hemp fibers are 4-5 times longer than wood pulp, the strength and durability of Hemp papers far outweigh the pulp counterpart.

Hemp Plastics and Composites

Sustainability and plastic are not two words that are synonymous, yet developments in the composite industry are seeing the two come ever closer to intersecting. Utilizing the stalks of hemp plants, plastics and other composite materials are being developed for their biodegradability and recyclability. Luxury automaker Lotus even got on board when they created the Eco Elise. Environmental consciousness came in part from using “Hemp technical fabrics… as the primary constituent in the high quality “A” class composite body panels and spoiler” leading to rigid, responsive, and lightweight race bred Lotus.

While CBD oil is still our favorite Hemp based product, there’s always been a place for hemp in our everyday lives. Lawmakers appear to be loosening the reins on Hemp production and as a result, CBD and other Hemp products may become more commonplace.

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