What’s the best CBD affiliate marketing program?

CBD affiliate programs are popping up as fast as CBD companies. Demand for the non-psychoactive Cannabinoid (CBD) has never been greater, making it the perfect time to cash in on affiliate program opportunities.

What is a CBD affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing programs are a way for anyone with a website or social media platform to promote a product and get a commission on the sale. Affiliates are giving a unique URL that tracks traffic incoming to the companies site. When someone arrives on the site through the unique URL and makes a purchase, the affiliate is given credit for the sale. Depending on the affiliate agreement, commissions can range from 5% to 50% of the sale.

The industry average for CBD affiliate commission is 10% per sale. That means if an affiliate drive $100 in sales, the industry average for a single order, each day; that affiliate would make $3,650 a year. That might not be enough to live off, but it’s a great passive income, rainy day fund, for promoting a product. Also there’s no cap on earnings, so the sky is the limit. The more you promote, the more you make.

How do I become a CBD affiliate?

The process for becoming a Lynx CBD affiliate is simple.

  1. Visit the Affiliate tab on the homepage
  2. Click on “Become an Affiliate
  3. Fill out the form with your basic information
  4. Once approved, your account will be created
  5. Login to the Lynx CBD affiliate dashboard to get your unique affiliate code/URL
  6. Use the provided marketing materials to help promote Lynx CBD on your channels
  7. Build you own product landing page
  8. Start making sales and collecting your checks

Lynx CBD cookies last 90 days, so if any users who follow the affiliate link to our site will be tracked for 3 months. That ensures affiliates get credit for purchases even if they don’t buy that day. Lynx CBD affiliates can expect a 10% commission on every sale, whether Lynx CBD, CBDistillery, or The CBD Skincare Company. Not only do affiliates get paid, but charitable donations are still made on affiliate sales.

Feel good about promoting a product that makes others feel good. Help fund research into the world’s most prominent diseases and disorders, while you fund your own bank account.

Become a Lynx CBD affiliate today!

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