Can I Drive After Taking CBD?

Is driving on CBD safe?

As states begin slowly changing their position on Cannabis’ legality, an increasing number of fatalities from Cannabis impaired drivers is being spotlighted. States, such as Colorado, are now working with the Cannabis industry to survey drivers about their driving habits, relative to their Cannabis consumption. Every state has different laws regarding DUI laws, however impairment from THC is often treated the same as Alcohol. As regulations evolve for the enforcement of Cannabis products behind the wheel, it’s important to understand how those regulations may impact CBD users.

Colorado police officers are trained as Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) to recognize impairment in drivers, including Marijuana. THC, is the psychoactive constituent in Marijuana which is tested for in DUI and DWI cases. The compound is responsible for the “high” and impairment of its users. CBD, or Cannabidiol, on the other hand is a non-psychotropic substance known for not impairing users. Cannabis when used medicinally or recreationally, at any dosage, can impair driving abilities. Regardless of the THC levels in the bloodstream, and whether the substance was prescribed, observed impairment can result in arrest. In Colorado, drivers with 5ng of THC can be prosecuted for driving under the influence.

So, how do these laws impact CBD users? Since the substance being tested in a DUI or DWI cases is THC, CBD users should be wary of driving after ingesting Cannabidiol. Although Lynx CBD products are extracted from Hemp containing less than 0.3% THC, CBD in states with legal Marijuana sales may be extracted from recreational Cannabis. This may result in CBD products with higher THC content. Regardless of the THC content, the reality is that THC is present in most non-isolate CBD products.

Considering that CBD affects each user in different ways, it’s important to understand individual tolerances before introducing the substance to daily tasks, including driving. Regardless of the effects of CBD, the THC content can influence drug testing like those administered if driving under the influence is suspected.

Lynx CBD takes responsible cannabis and alcohol use seriously. Always abide by state law and consider the quality and THC content of the CBD you ingest.

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