Is CBD Oil Legal In Utah?

The legality of CBD in states like Utah is always under question. While some states, like Colorado, have laws in place that allow not only possession but growth and sales; others aren’t as liberal. It isn’t until CBD makes the news that the legality is pushed to the forefront and the focus shifts to specific states.

Once again, we are seeing synthetic CBD products mislabeled as CBD Oil, and resulting in illness. CBD for the treatment of a specific ailment has been legal in Utah since 2014, but it is sparsely regulated. The lackadaisical approach to CBD regulation has recently resulted more than 50 people falling ill from counterfeit CBD oils purchased in the state. As a result, health officials are urging all states to regulate cannabis extracts. In order to avoid public health concerns, such as those experience in Utah, the CDC recommended implementing systems which would “minimize the risk for recurrences of this emerging public health threat.”

According to CDC reports, the issue arose from falsely labeled CBD oil, which was actually a synthetic Cannabinoid, not natural Cannabidiol. Vape shops, health food stores, and other retail stores in Utah now stock CBD oil on their shelves, despite the fact that sales to the general public is not legal. However, this fact has been overlooked by authorities and seen little to no enforcement. With the recent wave of illnesses stricter enforcement may be on the horizon.

Investigations by the CDC uncovered that a majority of those reporting illness tested positive for 4-CCB or admitted to using a CBD product called YOLO CBD. A common synthetic CBD oil, 4-CCB is derived from chemicals,  not from natural Cannabinoids. YOLO CBD is a little known product, and authorities were unable to determine the manufacturer. It’s this lack of information and regulation that highlights the need for reformed Cannabis laws.

Prohibition of Cannabis, in this case CBD oil, has led to desperation for those seeking relief. They are purchasing products from companies that law enforcement can’t even track down as they try to find relief.  With proper regulation and an emphasis on quality CBD oil, public health issues like the one in Utah can be avoided.

Can I buy CBD Oil in Utah?

A states work to regulate CBD sales within their borders, online CBD sales are flourishing. CBD marketplaces, like Lynx CBD, offer access to the best quality CBD available. The products found on our site are legal to purchase and possess in all 50 states, without a prescription. Whether you need a topical or a tincture, a vape or soap; you’ll find all the CBD products to meet your needs online from Lynx CBD.

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