Can I buy CBD in Wisconsin?

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding CBD in Wisconsin lately. As has been the issue in many other states, confusion encircles the legal state of Cannabidiol in the mid-western state. Somehow farmers were under the impression that possessing and distributing CBD Oil would be legal in Wisconsin. Perpetuating the confusion was the fact that the state was issuing permits farmers believed re-affirmed their belief. However, April 27, 2018 proved to be a shocking blow to their plans.

In November of 2017 Governor Walker signed a piece of legislation allowing farmers to grow Hemp as part of state pilot program to increase cash crops in Wisconsin. Uses for industrial Hemp are extensive, but the real money lies in the CBD extracted from the non-psychoactive Cannabis plant. Since the application process opened, more than 300 applicants sought a permit for Hemp cultivation. Despite the overwhelming support from farmers, it appeared that the rug was being pulled out from under them.

On April 27th a memo was distributed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) that deemed CBD Oil possession and sale to be illegal in the state. The DOJ’s solution? Hemp farmers could export their crops out-of-state for extraction and sale, or use their crops for other Hemp based products. Given the logistical cost of transporting the Hemp, extracting the CBD, and selling from storefront or distributions centers outside Wisconsin; the profitability of Cannabidiol extraction would be lost.

Luckily for resident and farmers of Wisconsin, the roadblock to CBD access and production was only temporary. As of May 10, the Wisconsin DOJ site says:

“Wisconsin’s industrial hemp program, which is administered by DATCP, allows Wisconsin farmers to grow and sell industrial hemp, as long as they obtain a permit and abide by certain DATCP requirements. Farmers who participate in this program and follow the rules are exempt from criminal prosecution, and products made from industrial hemp, including CBD, are lawful.”

Brad Schimel, Wisconsin Attorney General, released a statement declaring that “law enforcement has encountered… products claiming to be CBD oil that resulted in people getting hurt and sick.” The key word in that statement, was “claiming.” Although Schimel does not go on to identify specific incidents, it’s likely he was referring to a number of reports about the dangers of synthetic CBD, or “Spice.” He went on to state that “CBD is helpful for certain Wisconsinites, and the Legislature has made a policy decision to allow those individuals to have access to CBD, but we should make sure that our consumers are getting what they expect.”

So, as it turns out, farmers will be able to grow and extract CBD in Wisconsin after all. However, regulations will be strict and violators will prosecuted. Special attention will also be paid to proper labeling and FDA regulations.

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