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About Lynx CBD

Lynx CBD is a collaboration of three friends brought together by their quest for a healthy lifestyle. The founders of Lynx CBD come from distinctly different backgrounds but find commonality in their use of CBD. An athlete, outdoors-man, and a family man; their unique life experiences have led to individualized needs. During their exploration of CBD applications, they were faced with all the same questions other new CBD users confront. As a result, they developed Lynx CBD to be a source for the highest quality CBD Oil and CBD products; supported by industry best practices and designed to be a valuable resource to those seeking education and industry news.

Based in Colorado, the founders enjoyed a ringside seat to the legalization of medicinal and recreational Marijuana. With the initial frenzy and controversy of the industry behind them, they observed a community which embraced the benefits of a once highly contentious plant. The trio took notice that many folks prefer to forgo the “high” experienced with traditional cannabis. Instead, people want to focus on the tremendous benefits provided by Cannabidiol. What was once characterized by the media’s portrayal of “stoners” has now blossomed into a revolution. This revolution is being spearheaded by groups of educated, driven, and successful cannabis users leveraging the benefits of THC and CBD to improve their quality of life. Lynx CBD believes this transition is the breakthrough the industry needs to overcome the “pothead” stigma. As the CBD movement continues to gain momentum, the legal environment is evolving. Changes are producing a more favorable landscape for users and industry professionals.

As of today, Lynx CBD cannot offer dosage recommendations or mention specific ailments that CBD is known to successfully manage. Despite industry restrictions, their goal to deliver qualified research and detailed data on Cannabinoid usage is at the forefront of their objectives. They will remain on the cutting-edge of the CBD movement and continue to be your trusted partner for top-quality CBD products and up-to-date industry information.

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Mission Statement

Lynx CBD wants to bring the best CBD to the world. We aim to increase awareness of the benefits that CBD provides, while diminishing the stigma surrounding the cannabis industry.

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