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Lynx CBD

Our “in-house” CBD oils and other products are created from premium hemp. Lynx CBD has partnered with one of the best CBD brands in the US to ensure we are bringing our customers the best CBD oil available at an affordable price. Whether it’s a CBD tincture or a topical CBD, find our best Cannabidiol products here.

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The CBDistillery

When Lynx CBD decided to build an CBD marketplace, we knew we needed the best selection of Cannabidiol from America’s best CBD brands. The CBDistillery is one of the most recognized and publicized CBD Oil companies online. We carry the full line of CBDistillery products. Shop their selection of Hemp CBD oil for wellness of mind and body.

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The CBD Skincare Co.

Cannabidiol isn’t just CBD Oil. The benefits of CBD can found inside and outside of the body. That’s why Lynx CBD sought the best CBD Skincare company when expanding their CBD products to topical CBD. Shop the most popular CBD Soap from The CBD Skincare Company. Improve your skin, your mood, and your health with CBD soaps.

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Buddha Teas Logo

Buddha Teas

When it comes to CBD drinks, it’s not as simple as dropping CBD Oil in your beverage. That’s why we partnered with a company who used science and experience to brew the best CBD tea. Our favorite CBD Tea from Buddhas Teas have the flavors you crave with the water-soluble CBD you need for a great brew.

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CBD Oil Tincture

What are the benefits of Hemp CBD Oil?

Extracted from the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), CBD Oil gives the benefits commonly associated with Cannabis, without the undesired “high” that comes from the psycho-active THC Cannabinoid. People around the world are now relying on CBD Oil for the therapeutic benefits it offers, to replace or limit the pharmaceutical medicines they take daily. Find the solution to all your CBD needs on our shop.

Colorado Proud!

Colorado Denver State FlagWe’re a proud Colorado CBD Oil company. We live, work, and play in the beautiful mile high city of Denver. Lynx CBD sources all of our Hemp from local farmers, and employs the brightest local talent. We specifically partnered with the best CBD companies in Amserica to bring our customers premium CBD products at reasonalble prices. We want to bring CBD to the world.

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When You Buy CBD Oil From Lynx CBD You’re Actually Giving Back to Our Communities.

The health of our community is important to us! That’s why we support CBD research and research into the world’s most prevalent diseases. Every time you buy CBD oil from us, you are given the choice of where we’ll donate a portion of your purchase. It doesn’t make our CBD products more expensive, but it does make a difference in the world. Select a charity that resonates with you, and feel even better about your purchase. We currently donate to PTSD, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and Cancer research and awareness. We specifically support research into these diseases because CBD is being researched as an alternative to the harsh pharmaceuticals currently used for treatment. Check out our CBD blog for more information about the charities we support and the benefits of CBD.

Lynx CBD Donates to Communities for CBD Research

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1000mg (1g) Yummy CBD Terpsolate - CBDistillery + 3 Items
Bought by a lovely person from Rio Rancho New Mexico!
Total order for $220.00
1,000mg 15ml Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – CBDistillery + 1 Item
Bought by a lovely person from Brooklyn New York!
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99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder
99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder - CBDistillery
Bought by a lovely person from Sun City California!
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Lynx CBD 500mg Tincture 15ml bottle
500mg 15ml Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
Bought by a lovely person from Indianapolis Indiana!
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Lynx CBD 500mg Tincture 15ml bottle
500mg 15ml Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
Bought by a lovely person from Ambridge Pennsylvania!
Total order for $36.00